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SF Sonic Seal

Presenting, SF SONIC SEAL - the next generation Torr Tubular Gel Battery designed specially to withstand long and frequent power interruptions.
The revolutionary battery has:

  • Maintenance Free Torr Tubular Positive Plate with Gel Technology - Sealed For Life (No Topping UP/No Spillage)
  • 40% More Back-up than 150Ah Flooded Battery
  • 20% Extra Life
  • Wheel mounted Battery for free movement
  • Top mounted Tray to House Inverter - No Battery External Casing Required
You can easily move the battery combined with your Home-UPS system between places at ease; this has been specially facilitated with an in-built trolley system. Truly, Maintenance Free Tubular VRLA - with GEL Technology.


  • Capacity 170Ah @ C20
  • Approximate Back-Up at 400 Watt Load is 3 Hrs. 45 Mins.
  • VRLA Convenience with Torr Tubular ruggedness - Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Housed in tough Cube Container with lesser footprint
  • Gelled Electrolyte - No Topping Up! No Spillage!
  • Coin Flush Ceramic Regulating Vent Valves
  • Bottom mounted Castor Wheels For free movement
  • Top mounted Tray to house Inverter - No Battery Casing required
  • Bolt-On Connectors, easy to connect
  • Most suitable for Deep Cycle Application
  • Extra Long Life

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