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The Legendary Torr Tubular reliability now comes maintenance few from the state of the art manufacturing line. Exide launches new Powersafe XHD series with unique GEL technology mainly for UPS application. These batteries are designed with tubular positive plate and GEL Electrolyte. Tubular Positive plates, well established for partial state of charge operation make Powersafe XHD series a durable battery for deep cycling application even in heavy power cut areas. The GEL electrolyte makes it compact and maintenance free with no topping up for life. Powersfae XHD is a VRLA backed by Tubular strength.

  • UPS System.

  • Process Instrumentation and control.

  • Office Automation Equipment.

  • Fire Alarm and Security Systems.

  • EPABX system.

  • Electronic attendance and Cash register.

  • Maintenance Free No topping up ever.

  • Capable for deep cycling.

  • No acid stratification.

  • Supplied factory charged â€" ready to use.

  • Designed for long life.

  • Compatible to CC-CV charging.

  • Deep discharge protected technology.

  • New Improved Sealed Maintenance free.

  • Free from Orientation Constraints.

  • Eco-Friendly.

  • Easy Handling and No Installation Constraints.

  • Ready to Use.

  • Long Service Life.

  • Low Self-Discharge.

  • Excellent Charge Retention and Recovering Ability.

  • Superior High Rate Discharge.

  • Wide Range.

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